CBN lambasts Diggy on twitter

CBN lambasts Diggy on twitter

CBN lambasts Diggy on twitter

Hyderabad: Invariably sons follow footsteps of their fathers, but TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu has been following his son Lokesh and tweeting like his son these days. Chandrababu tweeted on Friday that AICC General secretary in-charge of the State Congress affairs Digvijay Singh, who was chased away from his native Madhya Pradesh, was trying to settle in Andhra Pradesh and dictating State politics.

The former chief minister also alleged in his tweet that the State government was imposing power cuts — 3-hours in the State capital, six hours in towns and 12 hours in rural areas. Naidu stated there was no Power Minister in the State and the people were paying a heavy price due to the inefficient and corrupt State government.

Speaking to the media at his residence here on Friday, Naidu said he had launched hunger strike in Delhi to expose Congress conspiracy of dividing the Telugu people, at national level. He thanked those who cooperated with him in Delhi and his “deeksha” was a success. Asking where the files signed by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had gone, he said the Coal Scam was taking new turns everyday. Alleging that the Centre was trying to shield the corrupt people, Naidu said New Delhi has turned into a “brokers’ den” with Rs 15 lakh crore corruption has taken place during the present regime.

Chandrababu Naidu alleged that the Congress leaders were stating that the ruling party itself has chopped off its legs while having hopes on TRS Chief K. Chandrashekar Rao and YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He also questioned Jagan, who was agitating only in 175 Assembly constituencies, whether he is an integrationist. He said he had taken up deeksha at New Delhi to make the Centre talk with the JACs of both the regions before dividing the State in a cordial manner. Criticising Jagan to claim that he was extending support for State bifurcation, he alleged that TRS Chief KCR, Jagan and Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy were playing to the tunes scripted by AICC chief Sonia Gandhi. He also questioned the Group of Ministers (GoM) to explain what culture it is of collecting opinions through SMSs and Net instead of visiting the State. He said Andhra Pradesh is known all over the globe and the Congress lowered its dignity by indulging in politics of conspiracy for temporary political benefits.

Alleging that Kiran Kumar Reddy enacted a drama on Thursday, Chandrababu said the people were not in a position to believe in the Congress party. He lashed out at Jagan saying the latter was trying to prove himself as an integrationist. He also took the Chief Minister to task for providing a carpet welcome to a culprit who had come out of jail on bail. He said the person, who had come out from the jail on parole has no right to criticize others. He reminded the Seemandhra Congress leaders’ statement that the party high command was ignoring them and pampering the “adopted” son.

Faults GoM’s style of functioning

The former CM expressed doubts on the functioning of the Group of Ministers as it said nothing till date. Besides, the Central leaders were speaking differently on the status of Hyderabad every day. He also alleged that the Congress party was colluded with the TRS and YSRCP and witch hunting Telugu Desam, which was formed for the sake of Telugu people. He also faulted Governor ESL Narasimhan for giving appointment thrice to Jagan as if he was a ‘patriot’. Naidu said Jagan wants division of the State in guise of Samaikyandhra. He also sarcastically said the Congress, YSRCP and TRS may organize public meetings together in future.

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