Hats off, Jana Reddy!!

While most of the T-leaders are clamoring to silence the voices of Seemandhra people in Hyderabad by hook or crook, it is difficult for any leader from this region to take a different stand. You cannot seriously be different from the pack and still be accepted in politics.

But, Panchayat Raj Minister Jana Reddy dares to be different. He is the only major leader, who has been continuously supporting the right to free speech of Andhrites in Hyderabad city.

He is appealing to T-JAC and other organisations to let Seemandhra employees and people to conduct their activities in the city. He made it clear that they too have right to voice their concerns in the state capital. He has been urging different leaders and organisations to let the Save AP to take place peacefully, without any hurdle or blockade.

This no way means Jana Reddy is compromising on his separate state demand. Indeed, he has been stressing that the T-process will not be stopped and lobbying hard in Delhi to make sure that Congress high command will pursue the process to a logical end. He indeed stands a
good chance to become the first Chief Minister of the new state.

Jana Reddy has clearly showed that one doesn’t need to attack the rights of Andhrites to protect the interest of Telangana region. One can be peaceful and dignified in pursuing one’s political interests, that’s what the message he has on offer to his fellow T-leaders.

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