Equal Justice – Rahul As PM, Jagan As CM

In the wake of doctors forcing Jagan to end his indefinite fast started seven days back to seek equal justice for all regions of Andhra Pradesh, Telugudesam leaders have written off the whole scene as a drama. They say that Jagan’s equal justice demand is to help Congress coming back to power again.

Speaking at a media conference, TDP MLA Revanth Reddy blasted YSR Congress for blinding Seemandhra people in the name of Equal Justice (Sama Nyayam). ‘What is that equal justice Jagan’s party is talking about? Had they identified any problem of Seemandhra people to seek equal justice for them? Jagan’s deeksha is a drama to fool people again and again’, said Revanth Reddy, adding that there is strong nexus between ruling party and Jagan’s congress.

‘Looks like Vijayamma’s equal justice has an inner meaning to understand. Is she asking Sonia that they will help Rahul to become Prime Minister such that they will allow Jagan to become AP CM?’ asked Revanth Reddy, hitting on a sharp note against YSR Congress.

‘Congress is dreaming to clean sweep in Telangana and YSRC is dreaming the same in Andhra, such that both will form an alliance. Are people fools to not understand this nexus?’, he concluded.

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