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Alarming FB groups: Call girls in Hyderabad

Alarming FB groups: Call girls in Hyderabad

Social networking has been a predominant action across the nation irrespective of ages. While the professionals use it to get linked with others on the global platform, the youth get associated with their celebrities or with friends.

On the whole the networking has solved many a crisis globally. But as the rule suggests that with every good some bad also walks in as a bundled in offer. And now the latest that is going unhindered on the networking is pimping for beautiful girls.

There are many Facebook groups that post hot images of aspiring skin trade workers to attract rich and young clientele, who are vulnerable. Not only is the business thriving on this massive networks, but also is going unhindered by the cyber crime authorities.

Apart from the business prospects, even innocent women are being pulled into the controversy by smitten strangers. Suppose a girl despises her friend’s advances, then he immediately posts the photos of the girl with her mobile number in one such groups. And the disturbances that embarrass are unlimited for the innocent girls. However due to fear from elders and the society, most of them desist from launching a formal complaint and bear the brunt silently. This seems to be on an uneven rise, claim reports.

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