Trisha’s Tattoo Comedy In Discussion

Trisha's Tattoo Comedy In Discussion

Trisha’s Tattoo Comedy In Discussion

With no work in hand, it looks like our dusky seductress isrnactually making lot of fun around. Her jokes are simply throwing people intornhuge laughs, though she expected something else from it.

Seductress from Chennai, 30 year old Trisha Krishnan is notrna happening heroine anymore. after more than a decade of successful career in Tollywoodrnand Kollywood with many big-projects in her kitty, this heroine is on the vergernof retirement now. To turn attention, Trisha is now revealing the purpose ofrnthat tattoo on her chest, 13 years after its etching. Trisha says that whenrnproducers are actually are asking her for a skin show, she was advised to getrnthat tattoo done as a beauty spot. To make producers refrain from asking forrnexposing as they will get caught in the magic of that fish tattoo, she resortedrnto the act. rnrn

Cine observers are laughing with these talks of Trisha. Because,rnto show that tattoo itself, the dusky beauty has to sexpose a lot. Even after thatrntattoo is etched, Trisha never stopped going wild with her cleavage, navel andrnthunder thigh displays. So, is it not comedy to say Tattoo is to avoidrnexposing?

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