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Six pack Sunil’s second wife

Six pack Sunil’s second wife

Sunil with a recent trend of Tollywood with Six pack Abs seems to be struggling a lot between a Hero or Comedian. For any actor, his first wife would be his profession. Without such passion, reaching to the peak in their career will isn’t possible. However, our hero sunil has second wife too.

Sunil all these days has done a lot of comedy roles before switching to a hero. If his first wife is ‘comedy’, then his second wife is the ‘hero’ character. But looks like, Sunil is still not able to come out of his comic character yet. At many public functions Sunil is trying to speak like a star-hero but it seems for him to be hard getting words out from his mouth. Finally he is ending up with his trademark comic dialogues in Godavari accent. In a nutshell, Sunil is not getting it right to make his ‘second wife’ a permanent one in Tollywood.

According to movie lovers, hero Sunil should continue more like Allari Naresh, who will do justice to both comedy and heroism. If he is trying to do something like Ramcharan and NTR, he is here to struggle for a couple of years.

Let’s wish this upcoming and hardworking comedian turned hero to achieve success.

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