RGV’s senseless comments on Pawan kalyan

RGV's senseless comments on Pawan kalyan

RGV’s senseless comments on Pawan kalyan

Hyderabad: Director Ramgopal varma is known for making controversial comments on any issue. As per the latest, he seems to have targetted Power star Pawan kalyan.

His continuous tweets on Pawan Kalyan’s political entry is irking the fans of the star actor. His latest tweets say that Pawan is an idiot if he does not launch a political party at present.

Pawan star Pawan kalyan has attained stardom and is maintaining the same after hard work. His elder brother jumped into politics and became an utter flop. Chiranjeevu lost all the stardom and fan following after merging PRP with Congress. Does Ramu want Pawan to repeat the same?. Pawan is quiet happy with the Movies at present and would make an entry into politics if he wishes at the right time.

RGV making controversial comments on Pawan’s political entry does not make sense. Taking room into other Personal life and making comments on the same does not send good signals. May RGV know this truth…

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