Power Movie Review

power movie review

power movie review

Cast: Raviteja , Hansika , Regina and Others

Directed by : K.S. Ravindra

Produced by : Rockline Venkatesh

Banner :Rockline Entertainments

Music by : SS Thaman

Release Date : 2014-09-12


Power Movie Review

Mass Maharaja Raviteja is back with Power after putting an end to his miserable run with Balupu. The writer of Balupu, Ravindra turned director with this film. This is yet another mass entertainer from Raviteja, who owns this film with ‘Power’ packed performance.

What is it about?

Baladev Sahay (Raviteja) is a corrupt police officer, who dies in the mission of saving a criminal. Tirupathi (Raviteja) who looks exactly like Baladev dreams of becoming a police. Home Minister of West Bengal (Mukesh Rushi) gets shocked by seeing Tirupathi who exactly looks like Baladev. He calls upon Tirupathi and appoints him as ACP. What Tirupathi does as ACP forms rest of the story.



This character(s) is tailor made for Raviteja. He steals the show in every frame he is in. He looked younger than his previous films and it is an absolute treat to watch him in the role of Tirupathi. His dance moves in Notanki song are very good.

Hansika and Regina:

Hansika is good in an entertaining role. Her character doesn’t have much scope in the second half, but did well within her limitations. Regina is a very good actress and she is impressive in her brief role.


Mukesh Rushi, Sampath and other villains did routine characters. Kota is good in the supporting role. Brahmanandam and Saptagiri’s comedy is good in parts.



Director Ravindra knows how to deal with a commercial film. He throws in good twists at the right intervals and keeps the audience interested in spite of an age old story. He knows the pulse of the common Telugu audience. He serves them what they look for in a Raviteja’s film.


Thaman’s music is good. Devuda Devuda, Badmash Pori, Notanki songs are good and will click with the masses. Background score is alright.


Cinematography is very good. The film looks grand in every frame. Editing could have been crispier in the second half. Production values are superb.

Thumbs Up:

Raviteja’s energetic performance

Thumbs Down:

Overdose of sentiment in the second half
Routine Treatment


Power is a standard Raviteja film that plays for the galleries. Director didn’t care about the logics and loose ends in the film. He simply banked upon the capabilities of Raviteja and presented him in a pleasing way. First half will entertain people who look for lighter moments and second half has powerful action scenes for the masses.

Power is a package of all the commercial elements and has some good songs to fall back on when the pace gets sluggish. Raviteja shoulders the film right from the start to end with his flawless performance. There are some dull moments and too routine happenings that hamper the flow of the film. But Director Ravindra throws in an occasional twist or a hero elevation scene to put things back on track.

Power is a film that is made for audience who doesn’t mind to watch the routine masala fare. It is old wine in a new bottle. In other words, it is a cocktail of various Telugu movies. You may watch it for time pass. Power will rule the box office until Aagadu arrives and the later run of the film will depend upon the box office performance of this season’s biggest release.