Pawan Kalyan doesn’t need such Cheap Stunts!

Pawan Kalyan doesn't need such Cheap Stunts!

Pawan Kalyan doesn’t need such Cheap Stunts!

Modern media is being criticized for being over sensational and less informal. Despite all the brickbats they receive, some media houses prefer the negative approach and indulge in the mudslinging act all the time. They are happy to have that “Yellow Media” tag. And they try to be the frontrunners in negative journalism whenever they get a chance. They don’t bother about someone being hurt or they themselves look like a bunch of jokers.

We all know that ninety minute footage of Atharintiki Daredi film has been leaked and the makers are releasing the film on this Friday to minimize the damage. Producer have actually lost crores of business as this crazy film lost its sheen and shine due to the pre-release piracy. He is taking huge risk by releasing the movie on his own in some key areas. A couple of months ago, Atharintiki Daredi was the most expected movie of the year with buyers getting ready to shell out big bucks to grab the rights of it. Now the scenario has changed and the producer was thrown into a situation where he had to take the help of many industry bigwigs to release his film in time.

Although everyone is aware of this, few sections of media is paying blind eye to all this and alleging that the producer and his team leaked the footage of the film deliberately to gain publicity. Allegations can’t get sillier and stupider than this. Why would any producer leak ninety minutes of the film to gain publicity. That would affect his business as well as bring down the craze on the film. Pawan Kalyan’s movies are always crazy and hot in the trade irrespective of the director and other cast and crew members. Atharintiki Daredi has the best star cast as well as superb technical team apart from mighty Power Star. The craze on such movie never goes down and that is evident through the advance bookings of AD. Even after ninety minutes footage being leaked, people are going berserk to grab the tickets of this movie. Media should think twice before making false allegations and analyze the facts before publishing an article. Or else they will be labeled as the clowns of the fourth estate forever!

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