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Mahesh Babu’s Six Pack

Mahesh Babu’s Six Pack

Mahesh Babu, the heartthrob of many girls in Andhra Pradesh who is in mid thirties and it would be hard to believe that as he looks a lot younger than his actual age. Even though he is closing to forty, he still looks like a college going kid. He maintained the same look throughout his career till now.

Mahesh Babu has finally decided to kick off those Milk boy looks and is trying to look like a real macho man. In his latest photo shoot for Thumbs up, Mahesh Babu Looks strikingly changed from his earlier looks. He has shed a lot of weight and his face looked leaner than earlier. There is significant difference in the jaw line and now the stubble looks even manlier on him.

Mahesh not only losing weight but he has toned his body to noticeable levels and he looks like a tough guy now. Apparently the scrupulous training that he has been undergoing is showing signs now. Girls get ready for a new Mahesh all together in Sukumar’s film and you will have to wait until next summer to see the Macho Mahesh in six pack too.

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