Is Bahubali Story From Sr.NTR’s Jayasimha?

Is Bahubali Story From Sr.NTR's Jayasimha?

Is Bahubali Story From Sr.NTR’s Jayasimha?

S S Rajamouli, upto now this ACE director has made 10 movies in his career and no single movie was flop. And now he is busy preparing for his new film ‘Bahubali’. He is usually famous for coming up with something new in his storylines. So many fans are waiting to know the story of ‘Bahubali’. The common talk is that Rajamouli gets inspired from Hollywood stories but this time it is not so.

Here is a gossip making rounds is that ‘Bahubali’ finds its roots from the Telugu film ‘Jayasimha’ which came way back in 1955. This had N T Rama Rao along with Kantha Rao and S V Ranga Rao. The story revolves around two brothers, a villain uncle and how the fight for kingdom happens between them.

The talk is that Rajamouli has made some changes to the original script to ‘Jayasimha’ film and is making it as ‘Bahubali’. But close sources have rejected this as gossip. They have made it clear that after coming up with such a big magnum opus why Rajamouli will go for a copied storyline. So we should wait for some more time.

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