Don’t Mix Cinema With Politics, Please: Charan

Don't Mix Cinema With Politics, Please Charan

Don’t Mix Cinema With Politics, Please Charan

Like any other young hero who awaits his debut movie to release and score well, Tollywood’s mega powerstar Ram Charan is doing that for the second time in his life. After his super successful debut here in Telugu tinsel town, the young hero is now waiting for his Bollywood curtain raiser.

Excited with all the promotional activities he has done from the last two weeks, Ram Charan feels that his Zanjeer is going to be a fultoo bindaas treat for Indian audiences across the globe. Reprising the role played by Big B Amitabh, Mega hero says that he paid tribute to the iconic actor in this latest edition but haven’t imitated or tried to impersonate him at anytime. Along with Zanjeer, Telugu version Thoofan is also going to hit screens on September 6th, but agitators from all regions of Andhra Pradesh who are for and against bifurcation have issued threat to its release and peaceful run at Box Office in the state.

In a candid interview with a leading daily, Ram Charan says that agitators should not mix cinema and politics together. ‘The issue that is troubling Andhra Pradesh at the moment is a serious one and no doubt it is bigger than my movie. But still I request the agitators to not mix cinema with politics’, said Charan. ‘Lot of livelihoods are at stake if a movie like Thoofan fails to release, as it is a project that is being worked by persons across the country. Please treat a movie like a movie only’.

So, we have to see how far the protestors really pay heed to Charan’s request and allow Thoofan to run at box office without any hurdles. To finish off, it’s better if we don’t mix cinema and politics.

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