‘Bahubali’s Total Budget?

'Bahubali's Total Budget?

‘Bahubali’s Total Budget?

The film ‘Bahubali’ is being touted as the most expensive film ever made in the history of Indian cinema. Well, it is being scaled at Rs 100 crores so that’s huge indeed. But is it really so high? Well, here is a breakup from some of the cine analysts on what could be the numbers for this magnum opus.

To start with, Rs 16 crores family package goes for Rajamouli and his team. Prabhas is reportedly taking Rs 8 crores as fee and rest of the stars budget is touching Rs 4 Crores. Daily it costs Rs 3 lakhs for shooting. In that case for 150 days shoot, it costs Rs 4.5 crores. For the sets the budget touches maximum Rs 10 Crores. This is including the costumes and art work.

For camerawork, 1 Crore would go to Senthil. The lighting department is expected to take Rs 1 crore and all Post Production works is estimated at Rs 5 crores. Graphics, visual effects, sound, DTS, DI and other miscelleanous overhead costs touches Rs 3 crores. This total product to convert it into Hindi including the close-up shots and dubbing artists and dubbing writing is Rs 5 crores.

This is the same budget for Tamil also, but only for promotion for Hindi it will cost Rs 10 crores while Telugu promotion goes to Rs 2 crores, the Tamil promo is scaled at Rs 5 crores. So, if all these numbers are put together, ‘Bahubali’ should not cross maximum Rs 70 crores. Anything which crosses this figure means it is not true. All these estimations are high end costs and not out of compromise so if the film is being projected at Rs 100 crores or Rs 120 crores, it is just gas.

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