Antaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha Movie Review

Antaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha Movie Review

Antaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha Movie Review

Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Eesha, Madhubala and others
Directed by : Indraganti Mohana Krishna
Produced by : Damodar Reddy
Banner : Sri Ranjith Movies
Music : Kalyani Koduri
Release Date : 2013-08-23

MS Raju’s son Sumanth Ashwin, who made a forgettable debut with Tuneega Tuneega is back again with AMAT. This film is a romantic tale executed in a matured fashion.

What is it about? 

Anil (Sumanth) and Ananya (Eesha) fall in love and when they wanted to take the biggest step in their life, they get a doubt that their life won’t be the same after marriage. So they tests their love by living together in a flat before marriage. Differences crop up as they expected and you have to watch it on screen to know how they end up.

Performances :

Sumanth Ashwin is good as the main lead. He has ease and very impressive with expressions. His oozing confidence is evident. He is a talent to watch for. Eesha is ordinary as the female lead. She neither have stunning looks nor great acting skills. May be this is a bit matured role to offer to a first timer. Rao Ramesh is fine and Ravi Babu is standard. They played hero’s father and heroine’s father roles respectively. Rohini is good as the hero’s mother. Her performance in the climax scene is noteworthy. Madhubala of Roja fame is alright. She did well in the scene where she breaks down before Ravibabu. Srinivas Avasarala provided comic relief along with a married colleague of the hero.

Technicalities :

Dialogues penned by Mohana Krishna Indraganti are good. He has written some very good one liners. Music by Kalyani Koduri is neat. He delivers what is required for the film. So did cinematographer Vinda. They made this small film look good on the quality front. Editor Marthand K. Venkatesh did an okay job. Director Mohanakrishna proved his talent by handling this film in a very matured way. He didn’t try to incorporate anything that deviates from the subject. He has stuck to the plot and did well to deliver a good film within the boundaries.

Analysis : 

First things first! AMAT is a class romantic film that is snail paced at times. One has to watch it with patience. However, real movie lovers will be pleased with the end product. It will appeal to the target audience and impress them with sincerity and honesty.

First half of the film runs at a smooth pace and has a decent interval point to sustain the interest of audience. But the director fails to continue to smooth flow in the second half. There are certain illogical things which couldn’t be overlooked. For instance, heroine comes to live in with the hero although she is staying with her parents in the same city. It is not so easy for youngsters to stay together in one flat without getting married.

Besides the logic, the scenes between lead pair in the second half are not convincing at all. Whole film is based on this part and director failed to deliver the goods. The climax part is handled well and on a whole, AMAT will win audiences hearts for its honesty and simplicity. You may watch it.

Verdict :  AMAT: Better than the junk Telugu films that have hit screens in past few weeks!

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