Anukshanam Telugu Movie Review

Anukshanam Telugu Movie Review

Anukshanam Telugu Movie Review

Anukshanam Review – Cast & Crew

  • Title : Anukshanam Telugu Movie Review, Rating
  • Star Cast : Manchu Vishnu, Madhu Shalini, Navdeep, Tejaswini
  • Director : Ram Gopal Varma
  • Released on: 13-09-2014

Anukshanam Review – Story

Surya plays serial killer Sitaram, a deranged psycho who targets women, picks them in a cab and drags them back to his house in the middle of nowhere to stab them to death. Special officer Gautham (Vishnu Manchu) gets appointed for this special case. In a short span, killer strikes fear into people’s hearts. With the help of behavioral science specialist Shailaja (Revathi), Gautham gets closer to the killer. But Sitaram neverstop producing bodies all over the city, makes a major mistake when he captures Aasha (Madhu Shalini). Gautham fails to capture the serial killer and gets suspended from his duties. Will Serial Killer gets captured? Will Gautham succeed in the hunt forms the rest of the storyline.

Anukshanam Review – Star Performance

The serial killer Surya has the right look but his approach to this character could have been much better. Vishnu Manchu delivers a better performance – it’s a bit more demanding, requiring both quirkiness and emotion. Revathi’s character may not be perfect, but she plays it very well. Shravan and Supreet are decent as colleagues to Vishnu Manchu. Tejaswi Madivada, Madhu Shalini over emotes on every possible occasion. Tejaswi’s relationship with the protagonist also never quite rings true. Even Samatha’s voice didn’t go well with Madhu Shalini’s character. Veteran actors Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao are decent in their roles.

Anukshanam Review – Techinical Team

Anukshanam is an odd attempt at creating suspense – thriller, but ultimately fails for two reasons. The characters either are completely stupid or completely unrealistic at times. As real serial killers don’t play cat and mouse with profilers. The writers also drew inspirations from about 5 different serial killer movies [like The Lovely Bones (2012), Chained (2012), Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O’Hara Story (1994), American Psycho… etc] also turning this one into a flat and incoherent mess. The premise behind the film isn’t bad at all. Instead of witnessing cops and bystanders, they engage in heroics, how about a look at the pressures of a victim or behavioral specialist can go through. Unfortunately the writing is unbelievably melodramatic, cheesy and laughable. It just cannot be sustained for 100 minutes though. At around 20 – 25 minutes in the clichés, stupid characters, Incongruous murders, forced comedy and over dramatic dialogues completely take over. By the end you feel like you are watching completely different movie. Ram Gopal Varma tries to showcase hisresearch on Psycho serial killers, and provide us possible indications about them (Extreme anti-social, Tendency towards to Voyeurism, Dominance from early age, Killing Animals, No remorse or regrets). Director also refers to top serial killers like Ed Amos, Gary Ridgeway, Randy Woodfield, Ted Bundy and also our very own Auto Shankar, even their reference fails to create the much needed interest over the scenes. There are zero adrenaline moments. The amount of focus on Serial killer made me think this would turn out to be something out of the box. But it was below expectation, even with all the flair. The idea is great, but the script and the direction by RGV make Anukshanam an extremely boring watch. When it comes to serial killer movies, the key is to thrill the audience with the twists around as serial killers are hard to catch when they are relishing their victims.

Yet another uninspiring element in the film is its dialogues. Right from the obvious “Sachin ki Cricket ante istam, Naku champadam ante istam”, to the melodramatic “Champedi Dabbula kosam kadhu, Anandam kosam”, the dialogues literally show the laxity with which the film gets handled. The music is by-the-books, and the cinematography is also competent. Technically, it doesn’t strive for much, but it doesn’t have many flaws, either. Production values of 24 Frames Factory is fine.

Anukshanam Review – Analysis

RGV makes these low budget clunkers probably because he continuously finds both producers and desperate out-of-work actors willing to offer their services for a modicum. Logic, movie aesthetic or entertainment value has nothing to do with his enterprise. Coming to Anukshanam, it’s a slow-moving “suspense thriller” which at times seems to have more in common with a typical investigation movie than a serial killer mystery. I hope there’s a better edit of this film somewhere as the current version makes little sense, seems to have scenes missing and rushes to an unsatisfactory ending. Anukshanam can only be enjoyed by people who have spent the last decade in caves and missed out on the many better films that clearly inspired it. On the whole, Anukshanam does manage to deliver an irie atmosphere but unfortunately doesn’t deliver on the rest.

The only silver lining, it is infinitely better than RGV’s Ice Cream.

Power Movie Review

power movie review

power movie review

Cast: Raviteja , Hansika , Regina and Others

Directed by : K.S. Ravindra

Produced by : Rockline Venkatesh

Banner :Rockline Entertainments

Music by : SS Thaman

Release Date : 2014-09-12


Power Movie Review

Mass Maharaja Raviteja is back with Power after putting an end to his miserable run with Balupu. The writer of Balupu, Ravindra turned director with this film. This is yet another mass entertainer from Raviteja, who owns this film with ‘Power’ packed performance.

What is it about?

Baladev Sahay (Raviteja) is a corrupt police officer, who dies in the mission of saving a criminal. Tirupathi (Raviteja) who looks exactly like Baladev dreams of becoming a police. Home Minister of West Bengal (Mukesh Rushi) gets shocked by seeing Tirupathi who exactly looks like Baladev. He calls upon Tirupathi and appoints him as ACP. What Tirupathi does as ACP forms rest of the story.



This character(s) is tailor made for Raviteja. He steals the show in every frame he is in. He looked younger than his previous films and it is an absolute treat to watch him in the role of Tirupathi. His dance moves in Notanki song are very good.

Hansika and Regina:

Hansika is good in an entertaining role. Her character doesn’t have much scope in the second half, but did well within her limitations. Regina is a very good actress and she is impressive in her brief role.


Mukesh Rushi, Sampath and other villains did routine characters. Kota is good in the supporting role. Brahmanandam and Saptagiri’s comedy is good in parts.



Director Ravindra knows how to deal with a commercial film. He throws in good twists at the right intervals and keeps the audience interested in spite of an age old story. He knows the pulse of the common Telugu audience. He serves them what they look for in a Raviteja’s film.


Thaman’s music is good. Devuda Devuda, Badmash Pori, Notanki songs are good and will click with the masses. Background score is alright.


Cinematography is very good. The film looks grand in every frame. Editing could have been crispier in the second half. Production values are superb.

Thumbs Up:

Raviteja’s energetic performance

Thumbs Down:

Overdose of sentiment in the second half
Routine Treatment


Power is a standard Raviteja film that plays for the galleries. Director didn’t care about the logics and loose ends in the film. He simply banked upon the capabilities of Raviteja and presented him in a pleasing way. First half will entertain people who look for lighter moments and second half has powerful action scenes for the masses.

Power is a package of all the commercial elements and has some good songs to fall back on when the pace gets sluggish. Raviteja shoulders the film right from the start to end with his flawless performance. There are some dull moments and too routine happenings that hamper the flow of the film. But Director Ravindra throws in an occasional twist or a hero elevation scene to put things back on track.

Power is a film that is made for audience who doesn’t mind to watch the routine masala fare. It is old wine in a new bottle. In other words, it is a cocktail of various Telugu movies. You may watch it for time pass. Power will rule the box office until Aagadu arrives and the later run of the film will depend upon the box office performance of this season’s biggest release.

Legend Movie Review

Legend Movie Review

Legend Movie Review

Cast: Balakrishna , Jagapathi Babu , Sonal Chauhan , Radhika Apte and others

Directed by : Boyapati Srinu

Produced by : Ram, Gopi, Anil

Banner :Varahi Chalana Chitram, 14 Reels Entertainment

Music by : Devi Sri Prasad

Release Date : 2014-03-28

Legend Movie Review

Legend is riding on high expectations as Balakrishna, Boyapati Srinu’s last film Simha was a blockbuster. Known for making high voltage mass masala movies, Boyapati Srinu has once again presented Balakrishna in one of his career best powerful roles in Legend.

What is it about?

Krishna (Balakrishna) lives far away from his family in Dubai. His grandmother wants him to stay away from violence and lead a peaceful life. Krishna falls in love with Sneha (Sonal Chauhan) and on his return to India he confronts with Jitender’s (Jagapathi Babu) son and beats him to death. Jitender is the reason for the death of Krishna’s parents. What follows next is an adrenaline pumping action drama with loads of powerful dialogues and heroism elevation scenes.


Balakrishna: It is cakewalk for Balakrishna all through the film. One cannot imagine any other actor in the role of Jayadev. Balakrishna roars like a Lion making this film a feast for his diehard fans. There are many scenes where fans would go berserk. Boyapati Srinu is the only director to present Balakrishna in such a powerful way after B. Gopal. He repeated the magic of Simha in few scenes, especially in the second half.

Jagapathi Babu: Jagapathi Babu took up the challenge of playing the antagonist in a film where Balakrishna owns the show. He came out in flying colors with one of his career best performances. He looked menacing as the villain with that white beard and superbly designed costumes. His rugged voice added extra spice to the character. Jagapathi Babu is one of the main assets of this film without an iota of doubt. Balakrishna’s heroism has been elevated to another level due to Jagapathi’s wonderful portrayal of the villain character.

Radhika Apte is apt and Sonal Chauhan sizzles in her brief role. Brahmanandam irritates a bit. Jayaprakash Reddy, Brahmaji, LB Sri Ram and others have shined in the roles assigned to them.


Music: Devi Sri Prasad is not used to give music to such high voltage mass films. His background score for this film is in sync with the proceedings and took it to next level. On the downside Songs are not up to DSP standards barring Legend title song.

 Boyapati Srinu is a master in working the emotions that connects instantly with the masses. He studied and understood the image of Balakrishna better than any of the current directors. He has done a wonderful job in the second half. Should have taken care on the first half which was pale and dull compared to high octane second half.

Camera work is good and so is the art department’s output. Editing is good in second half and average in first hour. Producers have spent lavishly on the film.

Thumbs Up:

1)      Balakrishna’s Roaring performance
2)      Jagapathi Babu’s act as the antagonist
3)      Dialogues
4)      Background music
5)      Political related dialogues

Thumbs Down:

1)      Brahmanandam’s comedy track
2)      Few unwanted sentiment scenes
3)      Excessive violence


Legend is a complete commercial package with all the ingredients neatly packed in. The film starts off with a bang with Jagapathi Babu setting right expectations on the film. The graph dips a bit after Balakrishna’s character was introduced. Director tried to add comedy flavor to the film by giving maximum footage to Brahmanandam for a while.

They have made desperate attempt to make it work, but the theme of this film doesn’t accommodate comedy. Interval gives the real punch and from there on there is no stopping Legend. The film goes from strength to strength with each scene. Balakrishna just carried the film on his able shoulders without letting the graph go down.

Balakrishna fans will watch this film numerous times as it is undoubtedly the best from Nata Simha post ‘Simha’. Boyapati Srinu lived up to the expectations and delivered a full on masala film that will work wonders at the box office especially in mass dominated areas. There is good sentimental touch to the film which will appeal to classes and families. Excessive violence is the weak point of this film and it may restrict the reach. Saying that all the biggest hits from Balakrishna had excessive violence and therefore it shouldn’t be a big problem for Legend.

Bullett raja movie review

Bullett raja movie review

Bullett raja movie review

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Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergill, Vidyut Jamwal, Gulshan Grover, Ravi Kissen
Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Producers: Nitin Tej Ahuja, Rahul Mittra, Tigmanshu Dhulia

It’s not over-the-top like Dabangg. It’s not puerile like Rowdy Rathore. Saif Ali Khan has no gimmicky lines like aata majhi satkali in Singham. In a special dance number Mahie Gill does not let hang lose everything there is, just to woo front benchers. Bullet Raja attempts to reach out to large numbers just like the above mentioned 100-crore earners. Yet, in its quest to grab more eyeballs director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s film does not sacrifice a certain essence that you have come to associate with his recent films (Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, Paan Singh Tomar, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns).The result is a des-chic, guns and gore affair, set against the backdrop of conniving UP politics and mafia.

Bullet Raja follows the trajectory of a simple, unemployed, Brahmin man Raja Mishra (Saif Ali Khan), who is almost about to take up a job in a hotel that asks him if he has a hotel management degree. A series of untoward incidents in his life forces him to take the law in his own hands. Soon the simple youth transforms into a dreaded UP gangster, who lives life by his own rules. In the course of things he proves to be a loyal friend to Jimmy Shergill and his heart beats like never before for the 156th girl (Sonakshi Sinha) he meets. In his rise to power he is supported by a local politician (Raj Babbar) who ultimately wants to get rid of him. Sadly, Raja loses his dear friend which leads him to vent, “Bhai mara hai hamara, badla lena parampara hai. Koi corporate culture nahin hai ki agli deal mein adjust kar lenge.”

In the battle to avenge his friend’s death the film travels from Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai to Kolkata. The production design is such that it captures authentic milieu and details of all the three places, keeping it real at all times. The background score by Sajid-Wajid succeeds in producing the intended result at various junctures in the film. The action sequences are well-choreographed and thankfully it’s mostly kept real.

The writing is sharp, the scenes are well-constructed and the dialogue is superb without being overtly bombastic. Sample Saif saying, “Maa ne kaha tha beta kisi ka dil na thodna. Toh humne dil ko chodke sab kuch thoda”. On another occasion when Jimmy meets Saif for the first time in a wedding function at his house, he breaks the ice with Saif by asking him, “Halka paani (sherbet) peeyengey ya kuch bhadkila (alcohol) pasand karengey?” Or even when Saif mouths a line like “Brahmin bhookha to Sudama, rootha toh Ravan”. A simple line which easily indicates the storm that will, in due course of time, hit the small town. Sajid-Wajid’s music though not extra-ordinary fits in seamlessly into the texture of the film. Be it an item number that takes place in UP or the romantic track that occurs on the tram in Kolkata.

Dhulia unveils a narrative over which he has remarkable control. He captures the political-industrial nexus with necessary economy of scenes. He depicts the procession scenes, the market place or the ghat scenes with a disarming honesty for the real. Watch out for the excellently devised earthy kabbadi scene of Ravi Kissen in a mini-amphitheatre kind of indoor location. At the same time he imbues his lead protagonist with a rustic panache which is in contrast to the uber cool, urban image Saif has, by and large, had in most films. However, the Chambal dacoit scene seemed hurried. While it serves the purpose of introducing Vidyut Jamwal’s character, the guy who played the chief dacoit does not strike you as somebody tough-violent to deal with. He comes across as a mouse, dreaming of Bipasha Basu with only four henchmen around him.

To his credit Saif does justice to his role, bringing to it a vital spark and zest that flows so effortlessly. Sonakshi Sinha in a brief role does what is required for the part. She particularly impresses you with the Kolkata portions of her part. Particular mention has to be made of Vidyut Jamwal who demands your attention with his screen presence in the second half. His stunts, designed by himself are brilliantly executed. Both Gulshan Grover and Ravi Kissen impress in their small but effective roles.

Bullet Raja’s slogan claims “aayenge toh garmi badyaenge.” To the film’s credit it delivers what it promises.

Ram Leela Movie Review

Ram Leela Movie Review

Ram Leela Movie Review

Ram Leela Movie Review, Ram leela review, ram leela movie ratings, ram leela movie public talk, ram leela movie public review

Movie: Ram Leela
Timesofap Rating:3.5/5
Cast: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Supriya Pathak Kapur, Richa Chadda
Direction: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes


The movie Ram Leela revolves around two major characters – Ram (Ranveer Singh), the local village Romeo, is a colourful, charming yet dramatic vagabond, and Leela (Deepika Padukone) an unbridled and passionate village Juliet. The only thing in common between these two strangers is their families’ hatred for each other.

The two communities have been sworn enemies since the past 500 years and their own kin falling in love with each other is worse than any storm that could have ever come. When Ram and Leela see each other for the first time, their worlds collide, wars are fought and destinies are written in blood, forever. What will happen when they declare their love to the world? Will their families relent or will Ram and Leela carve their own destiny?


Ranveer Singh is perfect as Ram. Born into a violent family with warring opponents, he gives Ram a lingering charm. I have never been a fan of his acting but the gusto and the energy with which he plays every scene, every frame is so effervescent that he is nothing short of superlative.

Deepika Padukone matches Ranveer’s brilliance with her own fiesty and enthusiastic performance. It is becoming a norm that every time you see Deepika on screen, you feel she has become better than her last stint. She looks breathtaking in most scenes to her credit and more than her fiery nature and robust character, she gives Leela elegance and strength in equal measures.

Their chemistry demands a special mention as the film wouldn’t even have neared the epic mark if the two hadn’t been so scintillating at their work. They carve their on screen romance with such vulnerability, volatility and yet there is such unbeatable ferociousness.

Supriya Pathak is wonderful in her role. She menaces with brutality and that works well for the film.

Gulshan Devaiah is near brilliant as he plays his part without restraints or hiccups.

Another special mention for Richa Chadha who plays Deepika’s sister in law with marvel. Though Sharad Kelkar appears in a few scenes, in his last scene in the film he is first rate.

Technical Departments:

Sanjay Leela Bhansali gives us one emphatic piece of work which might not rank as his best but it surely is better than his last few films. He enmeshes the enemity of Rajadis and Saneras with the starkly unusual love between Ram and Leela. He renders poetry into his frames which makes certain parts of the film remarkable.

But it would be far too much of praise if you call this film faultless. There are its down moments. It tends to get over dramatic in places. A particular finger-sacrifice sequence is creepy. The bloodshed and violence is overdone, exactly like his tendency to overdo the corny romance. And the climax takes too long to happen.

But perhaps all these glitches are forgiven because the film is that exuberant. The vigor, the color, the passion, the high pitched emotions, the thrill – it all cobbles up into a spellbinding work of art.

There is this brilliant scene before the interval which wins you over. In between playing with guns and smashing bottles, calamity strikes. For such moments, the film is so satisfying. The editing in the last part slackens but in totality it’s worthwhile.


Set on the backdrop of Gujarat, the film is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s imaginative take on Shakespeare’s most popular play Romeo and Juliet. Indianizing it with intelligence, the script manages to infuse in a spellbinding originality. I frankly did not go in expecting any of it. Since the last adaptation of Romeo And Juliet in Bollywood was Issaq, I chided myself for being unable to fathom the caliber of Bhansali and underestimating him so gravely. Shakespeare would quite appreciate the imaginative vein of Bhansali’s work in Ramleela.

This film is definitely another enigmatic yet cryptic work from Bhansali. It begins with a whiff of color unlike the gloom we associate Bhansali’s films with. Luckily for us, Ramleela is one tremendously intense film. While watching it I felt a gush of myriad fervid emotions. Though it isn’t possible to gauge or analyse them, the film spins off an enormous impact. It is incredible how the most outrageous story that for me doesn’t really define love can be weaved out with such marvel and impeccable passion.

Scriptwriters Bhansali along with Siddharth and Garima have done a fantastic job in sketching out ferocious characters with well etched out characteristics. Ram and Leela especially are so different from each other but they share the same tenacity and vigor. To quote Emile Bronte, the best words to describe Ram-Leela’s chemistry would be, “Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

In a land where guns speak more than words, the younger ones of two feuding families fall for each other. Involving violence and bloodshed, the love of Ram-Leela simmers subtly amidst rage, love, frenzy and passion. For someone of this generation, it is hard to understand why and how Romeo and Juliet dying for love is justified. Somehow Ram-Leela validates the same so convincingly that for the climax and the sprightly chemistry of its lead pair, the film stands undefeated.

Final word:

On the whole, GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA ought to be watched for multiple reasons: the electrifying chemistry between its lead actors, the strong dramatic content, the scintillating musical score, the violent streak in the narrative and of course, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s execution of the material. This is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s most accomplished work to date. It’s a work of outstanding artistry. No two opinions about it. A masterpiece by the master craftsman Sanjay Leela Bhansali!

Masala Movie Review



Cast: Venkatesh , Ram , Anjali , Shazahn padamsee , Jayaprakash Reddy

Directed by : K Vijaya Bhaskar

Produced by : Suresh Babu, Sravant

Banner :Suresh Productions

Music by : SS Thaman

Release Date : 2013-11-14

Masala Movie Review

Venkatesh and Ram’s Masala is a remake of Bollywood hit Bol Bachchan, which had collected over Rs. 100 crore nett in domestic market. Rohith Shetty’s films resemble many South films and Bol Bachchan too is one of them. Let’s see if Venkatesh and Ram pulled off this routine masala fare…

What is it about?

Rehman (Ram) loses his job and comes to a village to work for Balaram (Venkatesh), a very big landlord. Due to an unavoidable situation, Rehman had to lie about his identity with Balaram. But Balaram doesn’t tolerate lies and Rehman had to lie more and more to convince him. What did Rehman do to cover his lies and how does Balaram find out the truth forms rest of the story.


Venkatesh has done a comical character with a serious touch. He flexes his muscles if needed and crack a joke in butler English all the time. Venkatesh did well in this character and he is the main highlight of the movie. Ram did his part with confidence. His performance in the ‘gay’ character is noteworthy. Anjali and Shazahn don’t get much to do and they did okay. Jaya Prakash Reddy brings in few laughs and so does Ali. MS Narayana, Posani, Kovai Sarala and others did their bit.


Thaman’s music is a letdown. Except for a song or two none of them sounds good on ears. Editing is not up to the mark. There is no connection between the scenes. Cinematography is alright. Action scenes are over the top. Production values are good.

Director Vijaya Bhaskar has stuck to the original. He didn’t try to make any changes to the script. It is a carbon copy of the original film. Apart from his ‘copy+paste’ skills there is nothing much to talk about his direction.


Masala is a complete commercial formulaic film that sticks to the genre. It is more of a comedy entertainer with a touch of action. If you haven’t watched the original few scenes will surely crack you up. Venkatesh and Ram combination should work in favor of film. They can pull the masses and classes to the theaters.

This is a mindless comedy film in which we shouldn’t look for logics. Leave your brains at home and just sit and enjoy the show. Venkatesh is pretty good at comedy and his performance simply lifts the mediocre scenes. Second half has better comedy than the first half and climax is weak.

In a nutshell, Masala is for comedy movie lovers that don’t care about the logics and other nuances of cinema. Content wise it is an average film and can be watched once for Venkatesh and Ram. It has enough to stay afloat at the box office and we have to wait and see if it can swim across to a safe zone or not.

Verdict: Time pass ‘Masala’ fare!

Satya 2 Telugu Movie Review

Satya 2 Telugu Movie Review

Satya 2 Telugu Movie Review

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Movie: Satya 2
Timesofap Rating: 2.5/5
Producer: M Samanth Kumar Reddy
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Cast: Sharwanand, Anaika Soti, Amitriyaan, Anjali Gupta, Aradhna Gupta
Music: Amar Mohile and Kary Arora
Cinematography: Vikash Saraf
Censor Certificate: A
Runtime: 152 Minutes
Release Date: November 8, 2013

Ram Gopal Varma is known for his gangster movies in the past. Especially with his ground-breaking 1998 crime thriller Satya, the filmmaker has bagged six Filmfare and four Star Screen awards, besides setting a new trend in the genre. The movie, which narrated the life of the underworld mafia Satya, was applauded for its detailing and execution.

After 15 years, RGV describes the future course of underworld in Satya 2 starring Sharwanand and Anaika Soti in leads, but he falters this time. ADVERTISEMENT The movie Satya 2 which is a sequel to Satya, does not match the first film. Sharwanand’s performance is the main highlight in the movie. Interesting script and dialogues, Vikash Saraf’s cinematography, Amar Mohile-Kary Arora’s background score, well-choreographed action and stunts and a few technical stuffs are other big attractions in the film.

But the big drawbacks of the movie are the slow-paced narration and uninteresting soundtracks. It should be said here that most of RGV’s gangster movies had same formula in terms of its story, whereas Satya 2 breathes some amount of freshness in this regard. Radhika Anand, who has written the story for the film, seems to have drawn inspiration from Mahesh Babu’s Telugu film The Businessman and Upendra’s Kannada film Super in parts.

But she has tried her best to bring originality in the script. She has tried to narrate the current crime scenario in a different angle. The underworld don in Satya 2 is not like the old ones. He is much more educated and unlike others, he consciously makes an entry into the mafia world. He has acquired lot of knowledge through research and study of mistakes made by all previous underworld dons. He starts a new underworld company that operates just like any corporate organisation. He also develops ways to deal with the modern day policing methods.


It’s a story with mafia backdrop which is quite familiar to Telugu audience through Puri Jagannath. Punith Singh Ratan, though it is his debut movie, has brought all his skills out and acted with ease. Anaika,

the leading lady has exposed all her cute mannerisms and grabbed the hearts of viewers with her sweet and simple acting. Background score by Amar Mohile was simply awesome. Some electrifying music made audience pay attention to some boring conversation scenes. RGV came out of box and wonderfully picturized the songs.

Ram Gopal Varma, who usually gets inspired by original stories, has inserted a recent inhuman act that happened in Delhi. The best part of the movie is, audience got connected with the true incident and one really gets afraid of repeating such nonsense again.

Artists Performances:

Sharwanand As Don Satya Sharwanand, who has already proved his mettle, has full scope for his role as don Satya and he has delivered a brilliant performance. He is very mature in actions and suits the role to a T. He carries most of the film on his shoulders. But it should be said here that viewers had lot of mercy to the don in Satya, but this new one seeks neither wrath nor sympathy of the viewers. Blame the scriptwriter for it.

Anaika Soti As Satya’s Lover In Satya, Urvasi, who played the heroine, had good scope for her role and she had delivered memorable performance in it. Whereas Anaika Soti, who appears as Satya’s girlfriend in Satya 2, has nothing much to perform, but she impresses you in song sequences. Aradhna Gupta has played a special role. She tries her best to steal the show in her brief appearance.

Other Characters In Satya 2 When compared to Satya, characters other than Satya have very less scope in Satya 2. The magic of bhaichara, Kallu maamas and Bhikus is sorely missing in this version. Others like Mahesh Thakur, Amitriyaan, Anjali Gupta, Raj Premi, Amal Sehrawat, Kaushal Kapoor and Vikram Singh have done justice to their brief roles.


Puneeth’s Performance
Camera Shots


Secondary Characters
Screen Play

Technical Departments:

Picturisation of Satya 2 Satya 2 has moderate production values and Vikash Saraf’s cinematography is the main attraction in the technical front. Although Vikash relies on RGV’s trademark camera angles and close-ups, some of his shots like Eagle view camera angles are sure to impress you. He has also done good job in picturisation of song sequences.

Satya 2 Music Besides story, another big reason for the success of Satya was its soundtracks. Especially, the song ‘Goli Maro Bheje Me…’ is popular even today. But Satya 2 hardly has any impressive tunes. Amar Mohile-Kary Arora’s background score is good to certain extent, but it appears to be loud in some parts.

Other Technical Stuffs In Satya The dialogues in Satya were another reason for its success. Satya 2 has also good dialogues, but they lack the punch of Satya. The action choreography is commendable.

Other departments like art direction, costume design, make up works are also good. But the editing is not upto the mark. Jerin Jose should have trimmed certain dragging scenes and made them crispier.

Satya 2 Verdict Overall, Satya 2 is a decent crime thriller, but it fails to match with its prequel. This film can be watched once for Ram Gopal Varma’s different angle on underworld mafia.

Doosukeltha Movie Review

Doosukeltha Movie Review

Doosukeltha Movie Review

Doosukeltha Review, Doosukeltha Movie Review , Doosukeltha Telugu Movie

Title :Doosukeltha (2013)
Star Cast : Vishnu Vardhan Babu, Lavanya, Lakshmi Manchu , Brahmanandam, Ali,…
Director : Veeru Potla
Producer : Mohan Babu
Genre : Action – Romance
Music : Mani Sharma
Released on : Oct 17, 2013.

   Timesofap Rating: 3.25/5


Vishnu – Lavanya Tripathi combinational flick Doosukeltha is all set to

test it’s fate at Box office on October 17th 2013. Manchu vishnu who is

waiting for a big hit hopes this will take him to peak stage of his

career. Manchu Vishnu is very confident of this flick and Lavanya

Tripathi Andhala Rakshashi fame is seen in a glamorous way in this flick

which will add some spices to story. Veeru potla is directing this

flick and Mani sharma composed music for this flick. Mohan babu is

producer of this flick.


Doosukeltha story

starts with Ravi Teja voice over, Chinna ( Vishnu ) an Journalist

chasing Venkateswara Rao on a string operation. Story turns back to 13

years behind, flash back is on in Pichapuram village, where kota

srinivas rao a jamindar will not accept his brother’s son Rao ramesh and

his daughter Chinni ( Lavanya ) who enters village after 10 years.

Chinni wins a bet which has a rule of losers should leave village for 13

years. Picheswararo loses the bet and leaves village. What happened

after that ? What’s that bet ? How did hero make a happy ending ? Watch

it full screen.


Manchu Vishnu showed a

matured performance and his action skills too improved very well. Dance

and Fight scenes are too good, Vishnu managed to make a good impact

with his fights especially in interval fight. But he need to work very

hard on his dialogue delivery abilities.

Lavanya Tripathi is

main role of this film as story completely rounds around her character.

Lavanya too did her job well and her appearance and dressing style is

very impressive in songs.

A lot’s of comedians are used in this

flick, keeping all apart Brahmi and Vennela kishore did the best of all.

Remaining characters are not much interesting to discuss.

Technical departments :


and BGM score is done well by Mani sharma, but few songs timing is not

much good , editing work is not up to mark but complete story runs well

with a comedy in major elements. Direction and Screenplay are Ok. Music

and songs are major plus point for film, few scenes are deeply connected

due to a soulful BGM by Mani sharma.



Vishnu’s dance and fight scenes will stand as a plus, Lavanya tripathi

role and her performance is also a big asset for this flick. Complete

movie is a entertainer which will not make you feel bored. Brahmi and

Vennela kishore and few other comedians will make the show more

entertaining. 2nd Half and Interval fight scenes are good. Songs and BGM

by Mani sharma is very good, complete songs taking is done very

beautiful. Lavanya looks gorgeous in all songs.



on to Drawbacks of this flick, Story seems to be more routine which

will make you feel dull. Complete scenes are expected, next scene can be

easily guessed which is a big minus. 1st half is a bit dull and few

silly jokes are not much impressive. Movie reminds you Vishnu’s previous

flick Dhenikaina ready with some patch works done. Apart from

entertainment noting new is shown.

Editor Rating

Story 40%
Performances 70%
BGM and Songs 70%
Direction 60%
Expectations 60%
Total Score 65%

User Rating

Story 55%
Performances 58%
BGM and Songs 57%
Direction 60%
Expectations 55%
User Score 57%

Final word :


is more similar to Manchu Vishnu’s previous flicks, But this time more

comedy and entertainment is added which brings up a good family

entertainer. Doosukeltha has some strong drawback in story which is too

routine, but direction and screenplay helped to maintain good phase in

fun and entertainment. All in all it’s a complete entertainment with a

3.25 rating for 5. Go for it this week end.

Ntr Ramayya Vasthavayya Movie Review Highlights


Ntr Ramayya Vasthavayya Movie Review Highlights

Ntr Ramayya Vasthavayya Movie Review Highlights

Ntr Ramayya Vasthavayya Movie Review Highlights, Ramayya Vasthavayya movie higlights, ntr Ramayya Vasthavayya review, ntr Ramayya Vasthavayya public talk, ntr Ramayya Vasthavayya original talk, ntr Ramayya Vasthavayya original review

After his super hit film Baadshah, Jr NTR has teamed up with Harish Shankar to woo the audience with another entertainer Ramayya Vasthavayya. Let’s go straight away to check out the highlights of the Ramayya Vasthavayya movie review.

The film is packaged entirely around its hero with NTR looking uber cool and as stylish as ever. He got into the skin of the character and has delivered a fantastic performance to shoulder the film. He captivates you with his gaze, his tone of voice, his chuckle and those itsy-bitsy gestures in the first half The fantastic scope for chemistry for his lead duo and NTR-Samantha live it up.

The sizzle they share remains the film’s highlight. A few dialogues like ‘Evadu badithey aaadu buddodu Buddodu antey guddalodadesi kodata’, etc., have the theatre exploding Harish Shankar was able to tap NTR’s potential, but has gone far too down the line in the processing of showing his rage The second half could be a huge let down as the film has a few illogical twists.

The heavy dose of violence coupled with dragging scenes

fails to engage the audience The second half lot of resemblances to NTR’s earlier films Dammu, etc. and you get a deja vu feeling There’s nothing new in script as Harish pens an ordinary revenge drama Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is pure art in motion. Every frame is simply spectacular, with him capturing the varied colors and landscapes with brilliance.

We can hardly remember any number from Thaman’s musical scores All in all, Ramayya Vasthavayya’s first half is a fun-ride as you see NTR in his elements. However, the second half could be a disappointment

Raja Rani Movie Review

Raja Rani Movie Review

Raja Rani Movie Review

Raja Rani Movie Review, Arya raja rani review, raja rani tamil movie review, tamil raja rani review, raja rani review, raja rani movie public talk, raja rani movie public review

Film: Raja Rani
Starring: Arya, Nayantara, Jai, Nazriya Nazim, Santhanam
Director: Atlee Kumar
Producer: A. R. Murugadoss
Banner: Murugadoss Productions, Fox Star Studios
Music: G. V. Prakash Kumar

Arya, Nayantara, Jai and Nazriya Nazim starred Raja Rani Review released this Friday Sep 27 in theaters near you.

Atlee has directed this multi-starrer romantic comedy film. Arya’s Raja Rani is the joint production of Murugadoss Productions and Fox Star Studios banners. Raja Rani Music composed by GV Prakash Kumar has received good reviews and also topped chartbusters, check the space for Raja Rani Film review coming in a while.

Atlee’s Raja Rani has cinematography by George C. Williams and editing by Anthony L Rubens. Will debutant director has succeeded in reaching audiences with his different genre? Will Arya and Nayantara repeat the success of Boss Engira Bhaskaran?

Complete Review Will be update soon….