Never Drive A Car Wearing Flip Flops

Never Drive A Car Wearing Flip Flops

Never Drive A Car Wearing Flip Flops

Driving Wearing Flip Flops Is Dangerous Proves Study

A Study conducted by Sheilas’ Wheels, a British insurance company that mainly caters to women, has found that driving cars wearing flip flops can lead to accidents. Another report states flip flops are behind 1.4 million accidents in the U.S alone.

As per the study, wearing flip flops can hamper the movement between the brake and accelerator pedals, increasing the time by about 0.1 seconds. Not just that, but it can also reduce driver’s braking force by up to 3 percent as against shoes.

According to the report, more than half of motorists continue to drive in unsuitable footwear while one in five wear footwear they are uncomfortable in and in which they have previously had a near miss or accident.

Furthermore, one in four have had the dangerous experience of having got their foot stuck under a pedal. “It’s worrying that so many drivers out there do not realise the impact their footwear choices can have on their safety at the wheel.

Millions may think they can drive safely but may not realise the shortcomings of the flip-flop until it’s too late – putting themselves, their passengers and other drivers at risk every time they get in the car,” said Jacky Brown of Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance.

‘Top five summer footwear Brits struggle to drive in: – Flip flops – Bare feet – Wedge Heels – Espadrilles – Sandals.”

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